People Talk About Us

“I think the top thing that I appreciate about 24/7 is the customer service. We went through a Cisco Meraki upgrade last year and that went extremely smooth with the support of 24/7. The attention that we get and the customer service that we get from 24/7 is, it’s incomparable when you think about exceeding expectations. They exceed my expectations and my team’s expectations every time. They’re always Johnny on the spot, they have answers, or if they don’t have answers they know how to get them and get back to us. “

Jason Hawley – Yuma Hospital

“I think for a small business, they’re one of the few vendors that talks about being small business-focused that actually is. We’ve had great interactions with them. The nice thing is that they really understand our business. They understand our business model, they understand our use cases. It’s not something we have to explain all the time, they just get it. “

Aaron Glauser – Sunset Learning

“The fact that our business is up and running everyday and dependent on the services 24/7 provides, not only keeps us running but I guess in the longer term, helps us grow. “

Vick Tagawa – Sunset Learning

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