We Are IT With A Purpose

A diverse group of people who share a common goal, providing Information Technology security & services while having a blast doing it!

We come from all walks of life and enjoy our lifestyle driven workplace. Our team comes together to solve problems of any size, whether it is designing an enterprise network solution or figuring out what we are having for lunch. We are a commercial, for-profit business, but profit is not our top priority. Our lifestyle, staying balanced and remaining casual is how we like to define ourselves. 24/7 Networks is built by our people, and our people make it an awesome place to work.

Who We Are

  • Flexible
  • Loyal
  • Honest
  • Devoted
  • Caring
  • Customer Centric
  • Idea Driven
  • Genuine
  • Candid
  • Fearless
  • Adventurous
  • Strong
  • Fighting to make a Difference 
  • Transparent
  • Diverse
  • Curious
  • Positive
  • Glass Half-Full
  • Cultivated
  • Witty
  • Hustlers
  • Foodies
  • Clever
  • Detail Oriented
  • Coffee/Tea Drinkers

Who We Are Not

  • Egocentric
  • Jerks
  • “What are you doing for me today”
  • Box Pushers
  • Meat Popsicles
  • TPS Reports
  • Bureaucracy
  • Glass Half-Empty
  • Workhorses
  • Corporate
  • Slackers
  • Constrained
  • Afraid

What Brings Us Together?

At 24/7 Networks, we realize that most of us spend more weekday time at work than with our families. So, we invest much care and effort into building a work culture that is warm, inviting, productive, and rewarding.In many industries, you’re just a number. We offer a refreshing contrast, because we are all about people. We cultivate a company lifestyle of care, concern, and acceptance. We believe that when all employees strive to take care of each other, everything else will fall into place.

We strive for growth that is edifying, builds character, and provides opportunity for balancing hard work with leisure.

Meet Our Team


Jairo, CEO

As the Zookeeper at 24/7 Networks, I am responsible for all the important things people normally don't like to do, that allow our teams to have fun while delivering awesome solutions to our customers. On the personal side, I love being outdoors either on a golf course, a flats boat, a trout stream or even at home on my property. My wife Lisa and I are empty nesters, but the nest is rarely empty with constant visits form our four children and our grandchildren. Life is good!

Jairo, CEO

As the Zookeeper at 24/7 Networks, I am responsible for all the important things people normally don't like to do, that allow our teams to have fun while delivering awesome solutions to our customers. On the personal side, I love being outdoors either on a golf course, a flats boat, a trout stream or even at home on my property. My wife Lisa and I are empty nesters, but the nest is rarely empty with constant visits form our four children and our grandchildren. Life is good!

Justin, COO

My favorite color is blue. I like long walks on the beach. I am a big fan of dinosaurs. Married with kids.... keeps me extremely busy. Love working in the technology field although I am a business guy at heart.

Kacey, CAO

Kacey Swenson has been with 24/7 Networks from the very beginning and currently is in charge of ALL THE THINGS. As both the backbone and heart of the office, she is ingrained in the culture and work ethic of the 24/7 family. Her door is always open and the doctor is always in, taking time out of her hectic schedule to make sure everyone's voice is heard. Vanilla vodka and coke is her drink of choice.

Ryan, CIO

I started working in the network industry in 1996 for Global Internet, we formed one of the first 'Internets' by connecting all the Big 8 colleges together using 56k or 64k circuits. I moved to Denver in 1998 and passed my first CCIE in 1999. I love being on or in the water, I am a SCUBA diver master with over 2000 dives. Fun fact, I learned to surf when I moved to Denver 😉


Paige, Support Manager

Paige is a proud Colorado Native!! Paige is an avid sports fans and loves watching her Denver teams (Go Avs, Broncos and Rockies! She is also an ex-collegiate swimmer turned runner, and enjoys spending her weekends running the trails and parks of Denver.

Brett, Client Success Mgr

Survived 19 years of retail & restaurant management since 18, then finally landed in IT. I aided in the development & sale of a 4 person SAAS company to a multi-billion dollar global storage manufacturer. I am an FAA Certified Drone Operator and am happy to produce your next aerial video, but really just fly for fun. I do nothing in my spare time but sit in the hot tub (according to coworkers), but I guess I kinda do.

Tuan, Consulting Engineer

I originally lived in Denver from 1979 to 1989. I then moved to Salt Lake City, Utah in 1989 and started my networking career as civilian at Hill Air Force Base and passed my CCIE in 1996. I love being on the ski slope, hiking, watching my favorite Denver Broncos team.

Dustin, Support Engineer

Raised on the streets, I became a pool shark at a young age. With the money I earned, from hustling, I went to college where I was the janitor. I would solve math problems on the blackboard when class was out in the evenings.

Dane, Support Engineer

Dane of house Wiederspahn, the first of his name, builder of systems, solver of tickets, rider of pow, surfer of wake, father of shih-tzus.

Tim, Support Engineer

Lover of soccer, all of the cookies, and going over the recommended daily caffeine intake. When not at work, I am camping, gaming, or spending time with my family. I am originally from Louisiana, and am constantly trying to find great cajun restaurants around Colorado.

Pops, Consulting Engineer

US Army Veteran with almost 50 years of experience in the communications/IT industry. Experience in Voice, Data, Video, Switching, carrier, NOC Buildouts and Operations, Processes and procedures.

Service Delivery

Lindsay, Service Delivery Mgr

I have been living in Colorado for 18 years but will always be a New Yorker at heart. Moved here for the mountains and while working as a ski instructor realized I needed a "real job" so landed in IT. My passions include high heels, fast cars and double diamond trails but can usually be found playing chaos organizer for my 2 kids and 3 dogs.

Ron, Consulting Engineer

I am Prior Air force, with 15 years in…..Over 20 years in the field as a Cisco engineer. I love to run in my time off, and enjoy Octane on Sirius XM….Avenge Seven Fold and Disturbed are 2 of my favorites …bands.

Ian, Consulting Engineer

Jim, Consulting Engineer

Jim and his wife moved to Colorado in 2013 and have been loving the area. In 2016 they had a baby and now spend their time trying to keep up with him! Jim's hobbies include hiking, home theater and the local beer scene. If you walk into Jim's house, ignore the high pitched noise from the basement. It's just the server racks.

Travis, Consulting Engineer

Cars. Movies. Music. Bourbon. If you like any of these things then we can be friends. If you don't like any of these things then we can still be friends. Let's just be friends.

Ryan, Consulting Engineer

Moved to Denver 5 years ago from Cleveland. Recently married to my wife Catrina in May of this year. I like to hike, go out with friends anf family, play video games, and pick up a good book every now and then. Recently I have gotten into the hobby of building mechanical keyboards from scratch.

Tyler, Field/Project Eng.

Playing in a band and playing with tickets, that's what I do! Always remember to always be yourself, unless you suck. Then pretend to be someone else.


Tyler, Director of Growth

David, Solutions Architect

Mike, Senior Acct Manager

Favorite Color: Blue
Cat or Dog: Dog
Pet Peeve: People who drive at or under the speed limit

Scott, Senior Acct Manager

Favorite color: Orange
Cat or Dog: Dog
Biggest Pet Peeve: The Melting Pot

Sales Support

Mark, Sales Support Mgr

High energy sales support manager who prides himself on customer satisfaction. I thoroughly enjoy delivering great deals to our customers. Only one sport matters, wrestling, and not the fake kind.

Andrea, Sales Asst

I was born and raised in Buffalo, NY (Go Bills!), and now reside in Colorado with my Husband, Newborn Son, and 2 Dogs. I love to attend concerts and spend time with family and friends. I also enjoy watching reality TV in my down time! (sorry not sorry)

Fernando, Sales Support

I love sports, music and concerts! Family man with four amazing children!

Christian, PMO Manager

After two unsuccessful attempts at being the first to circumnavigate the sun, and a brief stint as a carrot herder in Pago Pago, I decided to dive head long into the tech industry and have been managing projects and programs ever since.

Kasia, Sr. Project Manager

Kasia is originally from Colorado and although she did move to San Francisco to begin her career, and accidentally stayed there for 15 years, she is now back and still in love with all things Colorado. When she's not planning out projects at work, she is scoping out her next climbing route, road or mountain bike route, camping spot, snowboarding or skiing line or chosing a lake to paddle board. She likes to play outside.

Talon, Project Manager

I've worked as a Project Manager for 4 years now in a variety of industries from localization to software - I love a good challenge! Outside of the office, I am a proud dog mom and a group workout junky. I am a certified yoga teacher and am working toward training in barre and cycle as well. I emphazie the work hard, play hard attitude and live it on a daily bases.


Crystal, Marketing Director

Colorado Native and city girl. Spent her time growing up in the mountains believing she was in Lord of the Flies. Wants to be a ninja, but way too lazy! Things I hate: 1. Bios 2. Irony 3. Lists


Jayme, Admin Assistant

I am a very easygoing, chill person and may across as quiet and shy until you get to me. I love all things sports and consider myself to be a tomboy. In February, my boyfriend, Justin, and I rescued a one year old goldendoodle named Dash and he is the love of our lives. My ultimate goal in life is to become a mom (not just a dog mom 😁).

Chief Op”paw”tunity Officer

Baauer, Chief Oppawtunity Officer

Woof bark bark bark, growl, bark HOOOOOWWWWWWLLLLLL, bark bark bark.... *sniffs* whine bark whine

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