Welcome to the 21st Century

We all do it, send a quick text message to our friends and family, but is text messaging in business taboo? Sending a quick message saying you are running late or confirming receipt of a package, is it frowned upon to do this in our day to day business?

We are in a digital world, but does that mean that we must halt our casual forms of communication just because our structure of business must be more formal? This should not be the case, we should feel comfortable enough with our associates and understand that we live in a fast-paced world, which mean a text message may be more convenient than an email or phone call.

Here’s some tips as to how texting can give you an edge within the business world.

1. Business are utilizing texting communications, why aren’t you?
Retailers are using text messaging to communicate more with their products and services. The days of cold calling and email blasting are dead. People avoid the unknown call but are way more responsive to a text message. Why not use this opportunity to break down a communication barrier?

2. Mobile is only growing, are you growing with it?
Mobile access isn’t slowing down anytime soon, in fact it is growing. With developers rushing to build a 5G network, it is time to join the mobile bandwagon. A text message is sure to get the attention of a potential client! With new mobile integrations, text messages from mobile to tablet and even to desktop, you are more likely to receive a response.

3. Are you understanding how your customers communicate?
With Millennials creating more influence with communication methods, people are adapting to the changes. This doesn’t mean that SnapChat will become the next communication method, but it does mean that adaptation to change is imperative to growth. Understanding how your customers communicate and providing the opportunity to communicate via text as an option will give you a cutting edge.

4. Personal verses business, make sure you understand the difference.
Business text message still must remain professional. Continue to proof read your messages. Speak-to-text could kill your intended message. Be professional in a person way. Remember, just because it is a text message, it does not mean that you can interrupt personal time. Avoid texting after 5pm and on weekends, you want to build a relationship not hurt your opportunity.

5. Are you trying to sell something? DO NOT do it over text!
As we all know, we are trying to be sold on something daily! Text messages are intimate and trying to sell someone over text message creates the wrong message. Use this opportunity to build a relationship with someone verses trying to make your next sale. Let your client open the dialog for a sale opportunity, let them walk you through the potential sale.

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