Managed Services

Monitoring clients hosted VoIP phone services, in case of issues arriving we monitor and respond to issues, keeping your business  
running at all times

Real-Time System Monitoring

Your Cisco Unified Communications network is the heart of your business. Problems will popup, are you equipped for when something goes wrong? Switches, routers, and wireless access points are essential for company growth and success. With our hosted VoIP phone service, we will monitor and act on your network while determining a quick solution that will keep your business up and running at all times. Connect with us today to learn more about our managed services Denver.


Why Choose Hosted Voice Managed Services?

1. Constant Monitoring
It isn’t “if”, but more of a “when” your network
has a disruption, don’t you want to know why?
We monitor your entire Cisco Unified network,
looking for “blips” and “bumps” that may
cause any sort of disruption, notifying you
immediately. We will provide you priority reporting,
so you will be aware of the severity of the network

2. Cost Effective
Staffing a network for 24 hours a day can be expensive and time
consuming. Reallocate your business resources where they are needed
and let us handle the network. Evenings, weekends and holidays, we
are always on and always available. You will no longer need an
experienced security employee or specific expertise for network monitoring.

3. Resolutions

No matter the size of the disruption, we are
there to monitor, notify and discover an active
solution that will keep you running.  Our hosted
VoIP phone service will work to resolve any disruption
with a fully dedicated staff including CCNA,
CCNP and CCIE expertise.

4. We Scale With You

Growth happens, which is why we are ready to
grow alongside you and your business.

As you grow, you can add Cisco Unified Communications
network monitoring without having to add staff.
We expand where you need us with one simple call.