An employee exit leaves a big hole in your company. It also leaves the network system vulnerable.

Even if this employee exits on good terms and there is no immediate threat, the following steps will keep your company’s crown jewels safe.

The minute an employee exits the premise with the promise to never return, use the first hour to take a few critical steps to protect the company.

1. Shut down the employee’s accounts everywhere on every device, immediately.
Someone else, known or unknown, friendly or malicious, may have the former employee’s credentials. The longer the account remains active, the higher risk you run for an attack.

2. Notify all employees and others impacted by the departure.
Start with important stakeholders and supervisors. Follow with in-person visits to each employee in the company and allow time for reactions and discussion. With skilled support from supervisors and HR, this process not only helps employees acknowledge the loss, but it may also reveal others in the company who may run additional risk to data and the network.

3. Personally contact customers and business partners who worked with this ex-employee.
This step serves 3 purposes:

Informs your customers and partners
Acknowledges their relationship with your company and what to expect moving forward
Helps them close any security gaps on their side
Responding proactively gives your customers and partners confidence that their service will not be affected by the sudden changes.

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